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Five Things We Love About Cape Town

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If you have travelled around the world, you must have seen some beautiful cities. You noticed their beaches (perhaps they have snow), architecture, culture and of course their parties but did you ever stop for a second to realise where you come from?

Let’s take a closer look at our incredible Mother City…


Tarryn Hardwicke Cape Town Photography

Cape Town is special in so many ways because it is an all-rounder due to the fact that you can do almost anything! Let’s start with Table Mountain. This is a view from the air of the cableway which (how awesome is this) gives you a free return ride on your birthday should you bring your ID on the day! Sweet!

Hiking? Check out the routes at


Tarryn Hardwicke Cape Town Photography

Lions head, another favourite, is extremely popular for hikes and busy each day. Follow Full Moon Hike if you would like to keep up with the Full Moon Hike events that take place each month which should definitely be on your bucket list if you haven’t taken part already. Always remember when hiking at night to stay in large groups for safety and keep the mountain clean!

Houtbay is a whole new world! Here you see it from Chapmans Peak which is the ultimate Cape Town dudes romantic picnic attempt spot each Valentine’s day!

Tarryn Hardwicke Cape Town Photography



Rock Pool Delivering the yummy goods!

The second thing we gotta appreciate is our food. This is because we have almost everything. We have the whole world’s selection all in one city. Even on those cold, stay-at-home-and-work nights, we have wonderful access to apps like Uber Eats, Delivery xtreme Cape town and many more!


Explore Restaurants:


Outdoor Festivals are gold and it’s definitely the “weekend away” if you’re looking for a good time every now and again.

The nightlife pumps each day and there has never been a night where I haven’t found something…okay maybe once and it was a Tuesday! ONE TIME!

Stay in the loop for upcoming Festivals and Events:


Sport! Its something that drives our country and we have such spirit. It brings our whole nation together in just a moment. For me, besides standing on a dancefloor and seeing my favourite artist, cheering-on my country is definitely another rush of happiness!

Keep it up, South Africa!


Brian Rolfe Art – Adderley Street Wall

Lastly, let’s just touch on the art we see all over the city. Beautiful right? I’m talking about the messages conveyed and colours that stand out to you when you’re walking home from work and you say to yourself – wow. That kind of stuff.

First Thursdays Cape Towngives us an opportunity to see what Cape Town, as well as International artists, have to show us! It’s always a vibe – and it’s definitely a jol.

Cape Town is just paradise, let us never forget how lucky we are.

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