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She sat motionless, in silence , facing the corner.

They watched through the glass, broken, as they had tried to warn her.

She gazed at the mirror, revealing her reflection. She thought about her family,

And and all their affection.

Her tear-filled eyes gaze down, nothing, no feelings, just the deepest frown.

Her eyes are red, the taste on her tongue is still bitter and stale.

She buries her head between her knees, and there she sits, so weak, so frail.

Her parents get up from their chair, gaze once again at their child that was once so fair.

They walk away, never to return, for their child is broken and unable to learn.

Passion Is Power

Backspace, backspace, backspace,

The first words I just refused to face,

Lets be real, I am here now because its been way too long,

I felt low, read a book and felt something is wrong.

Thrown in the deep end so we juggle each day,

People come and go, they leave they stay,

Fighting for a peaceful day is tough,

The broken commitments, guilt feels real rough.

Passion is why I am here.

I live to write and this is whats inside my brain tonight,

My little battle, my useless fight.

Backspace, backspace, backspace,

Battle over, it already feels better, everything feels so right.


Passion is power bloggerinspo

Life’s a Peach

How easy it is to fall off track.

Do you stay down, or do you come back?

I know it’s tough and at times we feel broken.

Just remember the doors to success, they hang wide open.

Do you step forward or do you withhold?

“Easier said than done,” so I’ve been told.

Take that step, what is there to lose?

You have two options, you just have to choose.


You are loved way beyond any star in the sky,

Believe in yourself, just give it a try.

For life is a peach, I tell you no lie.