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Tarryn Hardwicke Cape Town Photography

For a friend

Endless laughter, reunited again, We party like rockstars, you and I girl – fame. Friendship is like wine, it gets better with age, With our passion for red, we’d have a whole farm by this stage. It’s always an adventure, we have been through so much, Through the toughest moments,

Tarryn Hardwicke

Live to Learn | SELF TAUGHT YOGI

Loosen up your mind before you loosen up your body. I am a self-taught Yogi as of 2 years now (and growing) and it has had a powerful impact on my life both physically and mentally. I started yoga during an emotional stage in my life where I was struggling

Welcome to the life of an Architect Pt 1

Below are some of the things you’ll need to remember as they play an important role in the world of Architecture. THE PEOPLE The most important factor is the people that will be using the space that is designed. Each structure has a different purpose. Did you know that Will

If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. We finished high school and many of us said: “Yeah, I know what I want to do!” Some of us, however, felt as lost as we

Tarryn Hardwicke Cape Town Photography

Lessons Learned

“Lesson learned, forgive and forget,” I keep telling myself – don’t be upset. Life has a habit of teaching us ways, Leaving us lost or broken for days. Sometimes it’s trust that’s torn to a point its unreal, Something that can ruin any future attempt to feel. Maybe it’s different and

Spring Tide Cape Town Tarryn Hardwicke

I do not Sleep

Sleep, so much I lack, Welcome to the life of an insomniac. Dreading the moment the day turns to night, Another battle I begin to fight. Tossing and turning, an active mind, My imagination now unwinds. If I’m lucky I get some rest, A few hours or so, not the

What it really means to be an ARCHITECT

A R C H I T E C T Ambitious Reliable Compassionate Hardworking Innovative Talented Experimental Clever Technical Architects are dreamers. They have wild imaginations and unique minds. What makes a successful architect is one that has drive, passion and isn’t afraid to be different.  It takes a certain type of

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